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Vegan Recipe A vegan recipe based on 1/2 legumes, 1/4 grains, and 1/4 vegetables, plus supplements.
Vegedog Lentil Recipe This is the lentil recipe from the makers of Vegedog supplement.
Legumes, Fish, and Egg Recipe Nutritionally complete using Vegedog.
Vegedog Recipe - Garbanzo Hemp oil in place of grapeseed oil is recommended.
VWG Burgers Bake at 300 degrees.
Vegedog Recipe - Lentil
Vegedog Recipe - Oat & Tofu
Vegedog Recipe - Rice & TSP
Vegedog Recipe - Kibble (Soy) soy flour 190g
Vecado Client 74 lb German Shepherd Full day - 2 meals 1.1 to 1 cal to phosp rato. (perfect)
DIY Online Recipe Online recipe at https://damndelicious.net/2015/04/27/diy-homemade-dog-food/
Beef Stew, Doggie Style Online recipe at: https://www.caninejournal.com/homemade-dog-food-recipes/
Garbanzo, Rice, Spinach Choline values unavailable for chickpeas and hemp seeds. Low Potassium. Chickpea source has an especially low potassium level. Other nutrition facts put potassium in chickpeas higher.
P&B Treat Use to give Vegedog when not add to food. 2 treats per day for 40 lb dog, 1 tsp Vegedog each. Divide dough into 8 treats, roughly 1/4 inch thick. Bake at 300 degrees for 30 mins. Not intended to be nutritionally complete, but the amino acid profile for chickpea flour is not available. 0.125g of salt is 1/8 tsp
Vegedog Recipe - Kibble (NO Soy)
Vegedog Recipe - Kibble (Soy with Chickpea flour) Some amino acids not available for chickpea flour so results are deceiving. No deficiencies.
Vegan Quinoa/TSP/Garbanzo Beans Substituted quinoa for rice in Compassioncircle.com Rice & TSP recipe & combined it with their garbanzo recipe - ~2.5x Rice/TSP recipe + ~1.6x garbanzo beans = 13 Kg (about 8 gallons in bucket) including water (then calculate Calories/gram total). Cooked the carrots. Need lots of water to blend garbanzos & peas, etc. Added 25 g spirulina - will add more next time. NOTES: 1. I used 1.6x mass of garbanzo beans listed in recipe, but 2x everything else in that recipe. 2. All "Portions" by mass (g)
Vegedog Recipe - Oat & TSP - New Source
Vegan: Quinoa/Oats/TSP/Garbanzo w/almond milk, veggies, spirulina, etc Made 19.338 Kg total; ~ 1Cal/g (or ~1g/Cal !) This recipe combines compassioncircle.com: 2x Oat&TSP, 1x Garbanzo, & 2x Rice&TSP; + extras (NOTES: cooked the carrots until soft; substituted same mass of quinoa for rice; used hemp/olive/sunflower oil mixture; used 3.95 g black Himalaya salt + 20 g soy sauce, not 48 g soy sauce which the 3 recipes called for as GoodGrub calculator doesn't have "salt" as an ingredient; blender for garbanzos, powders, + water as needed, etc).